P1 pancake fun!

Our partners from the Hilton Doubletree Dundee came to visit P1 and brought pancakes. They helped us to decorate them and then…. the best bit…. to eat them! We love a wee treat 🙂


Transition Drama Project

Mr Mordente, Drama teacher at St John’s High School worked with our P7 pupils on a transition project for going to High School. He was fantastic and they really enjoyed taking part 🙂


Chinese New Year

Nursery celebrated Chinese New Year and had the help of a wonderful parent helper to help bring this to life for them 🙂


LOL (Loving Outdoor Learning) Fridays

We have just finished our first block of 6 LOL sessions. These help us to work in teams from P1-P7 and build lots of life skills like communication, listening, problem solving etc. We go...


Digital Technology

Through our PEF (Pupil Equity Funding) we purchased laptops to allow classes to more fully integrate ICT into learning across the curriculum. This has been a huge success 🙂